Other Services

As much as we are an audio visual equipment provider,
we understand that the needs of the events are not confined to just us.
From our years of experience, we have forged many strong partnerships
with various vendors ranging from food to cocktails to entertainment and more.
Let us know your requirements and we’ll recommend the vendor with the perfect fit for your events.

Every event needs them, period. A full-scale function will require you to take care of your guest’s main meals.

A product launch opened to the public will suit well with freshly prepared canapes. Out of the many choices, you first have the run-of-the-mill caterers who most people know to engage for their house parties. Then you have canapes or desserts that is based on the timing of your event. Next up will be a sit-down dinner served course by course for all your guests, prepared by a full-fledged kitchen team.

Some people just wants to quench their thirsts and the rest, drown in booze. Having a mobile bar at your event is a pretty cool concept, it is a fresh take on the usual beer and wine that are usually served.

What makes it awesome is that our partners are able to customise the cocktails based on your theme.

What better way to celebrate an occasion.
Since time immemorial, mankind has been keeping records of various happenings. Writings on walls, paintings, books and so on. In this current age, its photography and videography.
Just speaking about an event feels so stoic. Perhaps an online album to show your prospective clients about your past events or that company video which captured the happenings from your annual dinner and dance. Media, when presented in its different forms, can tell a story, reminisce about an epic event or even help market your services.
The soul of your event. The group of people that are core to keeping the hype at the event up.

Ranging from emcees, live bands to even dancers.

Our audio visual equipment combined with their talents will impress your guests. Many of our partners are well versed in the various requirements for each event. For a product launch, you will require an eloquent and articulate emcee. Whereas for a Dinner and Dance, perhaps an outspoken and candid emcee who will sneak in some cheeky jokes to lighten the mood.