The importance of documenting memories is paramount to none. For reminiscing, for sharing and for reference. There are always happy moments at every event, this is where the photographers come in. They capture that instance of exquisite emotion and genuity.  
The AVA Club w Hopscotch Bar

In this advance digital age, a phone can serve the above purposes.

That is what most people think; on a phone, it looks perfect. But you can’t scale it up for it will be pixelated, neither can you shoot in the dark for it will result in a grainy image. This is where our professional partners come in. They have honed their craft in countless events and know when and where to be at all times of the events. Hell, even some of our images have been taken by them and we assure you, no phones were involved.  


keeping the memories alive
Basically, a summary of your event in a 2 to 3-minute video. It could be longer but it depends on what you require it for. We have partners specialising in event video productions and also in brand awareness videography. Drop us an email or a call and we’ll direct you to the appropriate partners. 


photobooth for every occasion
A mainstay at most event’s reception currently. A machine churning out photos with props to pose with, nobody would say no. Considered an extension of the photography arm, this service seeks to keep guests entertained while also providing them the physical photos for memory sake.  

drone service

latest technology for the coolest videos
Now that we’ve got your attention. No, we are not joking, we have a partner who specializes in drones. Imagine your photography and videography taken to a whole new level, figuratively and literally. This gives more options in media production, branching away from traditional methods.  
If you’re interested in hiring our services, kindly drop us an e-mail. 

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