Considered the heart of the event
Put it simply, food is the most important part of an event. No matter how well produced the event is, never let your guests leave hungry because that will be all they remember.  
Finger food
The spectrum for food is really wide. It ranges from types of cuisines to a specific entrée or just a dessert table. This is dependent on the type of event, the timing of the event (tea-time or dinner etc) and the guests attending. Especially in Singapore, where we have people of all race and religion, it is wise to take heed of their culinary needs. As an audio visual event vendor, our journey has led us to work with many different food caterers, all of which specialize in their different offerings. A few examples are: 
Types of Cuisines, Buffet or Plated Dinners, Customized Menu, Dessert Tables, Canapes
If it is something that is off this list, just let us know and we’ll refer you to the one that fits your requirements. Who knows, you might just come up with a new type of food catering offering.

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